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Our Mission:

AIM-ASD is a network of researchers seeking to develop and test a successful treatment plan for children who are minimally verbal and have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). An estimated 30-40% of school-aged children with ASD remain minimally verbal even after years of services (Anderson et al., 2007). We use the term “minimally verbal” to describe children who may be able to produce sounds and words, but do not use them to communicate appropriately or spontaneously with a social partner (Tager-Flusberg & Kasari, 2011; Kasari et al., 2014).

AIM-ASD  is conducting a research study across four sites around the country:

  University of California, Los Angeles, California
  University of Rochester Medical Center,
New York
  New York Presbyterian Center for Autism and the Developing Brain,
  New York Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development, Tennessee
  University of Michigan, Ann Harbor, Michigan

Given the number of children in this population making limited progress in communication through existing interventions, there is a critical need for a new treatment approach to place these children on a positive, long-term course toward developing spoken language. AIM-ASD is responding to this need by creating and testing a new adaptive intervention approach.

Over the course of this study, we will examine two interventions that have shown promise for increasing children’s language production and can be tailored to the child’s style of learning.

For more information about this study, click here.

Key Terms:

AIM-ASD - Adaptive Interventions for Minimally-Verbal Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Minimally Verbal - Children who are considered minimally verbal use fewer than 20 spontaneous, communicative words independently, meaning they have few words (or no words) in their vocabulary that they are able to use in a communicative way on their own.
Adaptive Intervention - The treatment approach offered can change depending on how well the child responds to the initial approach.
Spectrum - A wide range of symptoms, skills and levels of impairments that children with ASD can display. The symptoms vary from mild impairments to severely impacted that can interfere with everyday life.

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